Petals for Patients is a charitable organization created to brighten up peoples day we bring flower arrangements to patients in care facilities and hospitals. Each arrangement is individualized with a card for the patient. our purpose is to spread love and joy to those who are not as fortunate or may not have a family to comfort them. 

Petals 4 Patients is the grassroots effort of Maddie Covert, a Senior at St. Francis High School.  In her Junior Theology class, Maddie was inspired by Mr. Norman, a beloved teacher, who made reference to a sunflower as a symbol of joy and friendship.  This resonated with Maddie, who then decided to couple her love for flowers and a desire to bring happiness to others. Maddie ran with her vision and thus, Petals 4 Patients was born.

This community-based project is not a new trend in Maddie’s life.  Maddie, with the support of her parents, Blake and Lauren, has quietly completed community service for years.  Through her parochial education, her faith, and the familial tradition of philanthropy, giving to others is woven into the fabric of her life.  Maddie believes in leading by example and recognizes the value in helping people whether they are her friends or strangers as this is integrated into her foundation.  In a similar vein, Maddie believes that if you put good into the world, it will come back to you tenfold.  

Petals 4 Patients is not an individual effort.  Maddie has expanded her engagement from her parents and her brother, Christian, to her friends and St. Francis community.  Maddie welcomes contributions ranging from time to helping hands to materials. Additionally, she welcomes Sacramento to join her in her effort and encourages all people to give back to their community.


flowers. love. happiness.